Client: Tomo Brody


HumansAfterAll is an attempt to give people access to the thoughts, feelings and realities of some of the refugees living in, trapped, or passing through the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais/France. The documentary film maker Tomo Brody and his team have proposed t migrants to tell their story while remaining anonymous themselves.

This website presents their stories in their original language, mostly arabic, dari and farsi. All videos are subtitled in english.

I developed the website and designed it in collaboration with Tomo. The website itself functions like a movie, it has a scenario. When first arriving there, it plays an introductory video, then we can here an explanatory voice and then one can listen to ambient noise recorded on site, while watching each story or looking at the photos in the background. Through an interactive menu, visitors may turn on and off images, videos and sounds.