Catnip - A Cat's Guide To Internet Freedom

In 2018, Niels Ten Oever had the idea to create a bunch of posters that would explain how censorship works and how it could be circumvented. Furthermore, he proposed to explain how anyone could participate in internet governance procedures. I started researching and making sketches, but the longer I worked on this assignment, the clearer it became that his original idea would benefit from being brought into this world as a book. In 2018, I created a website and a poster featuring the Chapter about the functioning of Tor. And kept writing more chapters. Then Niels introduced me to Mallory Knodel who joined ARTICLE 19 as the head of Team Digital, and joined the project as a co-author. She proposed to find a publisher. The book will finally come out in autumn 2020 at NoStarch Press, San Francisco, under the title How the Internet Really Works. An Illustrated Guide to protocols, privacy, censorship, and governance.

Client: ARTICLE 19
Year: 2018


Poster showing the chapter about the Tor network, created in 2018 with Aline Girard. Back then, the project was still only called like the cat, "Catnip", short for Censorship-Access-Telcos-Networks-InternetProtocols :) Also back then, Alice was trying to communicate with Bob, but I was highly uncomfortable with this gendered representation common when talking about cryptographic protocols. In the upcoming book, Alice talks to her non-binary friend Catnip instead.

Tor network poster front photo
Tor network poster middle photo
Tor network poster back photo

Website showing the chapter about the Tor network, created in 2018

Screenshot promotional website Catnip