Sprachmittlung in Elterngesprächen

At Friedenskreis Halle, in Germany, language interpreters are trained to work in schools and kindergardens with teachers and educators on one side, and parents with whom there is a language barrier. Often, parents bring children or family members to translate for them, which can become challenging when the discussion is about a child having to repeat a class, or needing special attention. Intrepreters should not pick sides, but act as an intermediary in what is called a trialogue: a dialogue involving 3 parties.

The poster I illustrated and designed in format A1 is aimed at teachers and educators. The text was written by Eva Stoelzel from Friedenskreis Halle. I also created a video with the illustrations to make it easier for people who are more audiovisual to learn about the issues that are faced in a trialogue.

See the video with the illustrations in color, or order the poster (in German) here: https://friedenskreis-halle.de/trialog

Client: Friedenskreis Halle e.V.
Year: 2020
Printed at Oktoberdruck

Some of the illustrations for the poster:

Illustration Sprachmittler

There are two types of interpreters for school trialogues: volunteers and officially approved interpreters. Throughout the poster, teacher and interpreter do not change, so that viewers can recognize them, and potentially identify with them - as they are the target group for this publication.

Illustration einfache Sprache

The teacher/educator should use plain language.

Illustration Blickkontakt

The teacher/educator should stay in visual contact with the parents, instead of with the interpreter.

Illustration Frendwörter erklären

Foreign words should be explained.