How the Internet Really Works

How the Internet Really Works is a comic book-like introduction to the technical side of the internet, narrated by Catnip, a cute feline character. The book contains playful illustrations and concise explanations detailing transport protocols and basic internet infrastructure as well as larger technological concepts like security and privacy, algorithms, and internet governance. You will gain enough technical understanding to become knowledgeable about digital privacy concerns that affect every internet user.

This project has started in 2017 with the idea to create a bunch of posters that would explain technical details about the internet to human rights advocates who work in public interest technology. It quickly became clear that for such a knowledge transfer, a book might be the more appropriate format. And here we are finally! It took so long because we've been researching, writing, drawing, layouting, and working on other assignments in between; then the pandemic further delayed publication.
I co-wrote, layouted, and created the illustrations featured in the book. I also created the associated website.

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Client: ARTICLE 19
Year: 2020
How the Internet Really Works
120 Pages | size 8" x 10" (ca. 20 x 25 cm)
Published by: No Starch Press, San Francisco
ISBN 9781718500297 (paperback)
ISBN 9781718500303 (ebook)

Page spread:

Page spread How the Internet Really Works. Illustration and Layout: Ulrike Uhlig


How the Internet Really Works website. Design and development: Ulrike Uhlig