Digital Signage - Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig

For the Museum of Contemporary Art (Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, GfzK) Leipzig, Enrico Zini and I created software used for digital signage. The GfzK has set up three screens each of which is connected to a RaspberryPi running our software. We created a web interface for the staff to upload slideshows (video, PDF, images, ODP). The devices synchronize automatically over the local network. It's possible to have each screen display a different slideshow. My work consisted in project management (need finding, prioritization, communication), debugging, and documentation.

→ For Museum for Contemporary Art (GfZK) Leipzig/Germany
→ 2020
→ The code is published under a free software license and available on Github Himblick project on Github. Enrico has blogged about the technical creation process.

GfzK Entrance Leipzig
GfzK Old building Leipzig
GfzK Screen running Himblick
Himblick administration interface