Useful Resources for Well-Being at Work

Decision making, Facilitation & Group Organization

Collaborative Tools

All the tools in the list are free software and can be deployed on an own instance, or are usable via public instances.

  • Big Blue Button web conferencing system for online learning. Supports big number of participants, collaborative note taking, PDF presentations, white board, break out rooms, screen share, webcam share, session recording. To be used with Greenlight webinterface.
  • Jitsi video conferencing, over WebRTC, supports small group discussions. Public instances. It's advisable to use an instance in a place close to where the participants connect from.
  • Etherpad collaborative note taking. Public instances
  • NextCloud store documents and files, share files privately or publicly. Has plugins for video conferencing, shared calendars, encrypted web mail, Kanban task boards.
  • Mattermost organizational social network, chat, file sharing, voice, video, screen sharing. Similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Loomio Collaborative decision making. Loomio can be deployed on a server and can be integrated with NextCloud. It can also be used at the coop's website for a fee.
  • Gitlab Gitlab is a web front end for the decentralized version control system for source code Git. Can be used to version control text files of any kind (like code, or any other text file), can be integrated with todo lists, issue tracking, kanban boards. Non trivial to learn.

Organizing Work

Organizational Handbooks and experience




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