curlybracket provides consulting and training in privacy and digital security
for NGOs, human rights defenders and activists.

As a Debian Developer I maintain and work on privacy and anonymity related software in Debian and Tails.

Since 2005 I have been developing & designing for digital media, creating works that evolve around activism art.

Fluent in german, french and english.

Our digital security trainings make use of adult learning methods and a holistic approach.
I’m used to consenus-based decision making and aware of nonviolent communication.

Contact: u[@]
Encrypted Email: u[@] / ulrike[@]
Fingerprint EDE3 F444 3F34 D261 9514  D790 B14B B0C3 8D86 1CF1

Other thinks I make: pencil drawings, photos, artist postcards, diverse publications.