I create concepts, design, implement and program websites and related technologies. I focus on readability (Does your message get across?), usability (Is the website easy to use?), user privacy (Are third parties able to spy on your users?), and security (Your website and user data should not be compromised).

Project facilitation & Consulting

I facilitate learning in workshops, and work of (remote, international) teams. I help clients find appropriate solutions for problems that require technological solutions. I focus on communication, group processes, need finding, prioritization of tasks, tracking progress.

Illustration & Telling stories

I can explain and illustrate complex technological concepts. I have expertise in networking concepts, censorship, censorship circumvention and internet governance. I work with free software, and free licenses. I can work equally well in German, French, and English.


Originally trained as a front end web developer, I also work as a project facilitator, and have extended my technical expertise to new areas during the past 15 years. For example, I'm a also Debian Developer and maintain software related to privacy and anonymity.

I think technology should empower people and their struggles. Since several years I work with projects of the Internet freedom community such as Article19, Tails, and Tactical Tech, as well as with non-profit organizations such as the German Institute for Foreign Relations (ifa), and Mobilizing Activists around Medical Abortion (MAMA) Network.

I hold a post-graduate degree in Visual and Contemporary Arts (2006) from Université Paris VIII.