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How the Internet Really Works is an illustrated introduction to the technical side of the internet. The book is currently published in four different languages.
concept, text & illustration

I researched, wrote, illustrated and designed a poster in tabloid format explaining how the Tor network works.

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photo of Ulrike Uhlig with a paper mask showing a cat face

communication design — information design — illustration — knowledge transfer

About Ulrike Uhlig

I like to work on subjects which empower people. I want to see more equality, participation, and diversity (of people, identities, and meanings). My process is led by empathy and a desire for clarity.

Bio. I was born in East Berlin/Germany and grew up in the GDR. Later, I lived in France for 15 years. I studied Visual and Contemporary Arts, Arts and Image Technologies, and photography at Université Paris 8 and graduated with a Master of Arts cum laude in 2005. I'm fluent in German, French, and English.

Writer and illustrator. The first book I worked on has been published in 4 countries and languages.

Internet activist. In the past, I worked in and with different tech companies and collectives. For over 5 years I worked on the Linux based operating systems Tails—known to have provided anonymity to the journalists working with Edward Snowden. I also contributed to the free software operating system Debian for 7 years, as one of less than 30 female Debian Developers worldwide. In Debian, I co-founded the team privacy software packaging team.

Contact. u [AT] OpenPGP. EDE3 F444 3F34 D261 9514 D790 B14B B0C3 8D86 1CF1

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