Sometimes, in our day-to-day-interactions, communication becomes disruptive, resembling a chain of reactions to reactions to reactions. Sometimes we lose the capacity to express our ideas and feelings. Sometimes communication just gets stuck, maybe conflict breaks out. When we see these same patterns over and over again, this might be due to the ever same roles that we adopt and play. Learnt in childhood, these roles are deeply ingrained in our adult selves, and acted out as unconscious scripts. Until we notice and work on them.


Control freaks. You may have called people like this. Or you may have been called one yourself. Maybe you got angry. Or, on the contrary, you felt like being a control freak is a feature, because who would notice all these little details that are not exactly perfect if not you? This post is an attempt to deconstruct the term.

08-03-2020. Healthy organizations are places in which feedback is encouraged, even if it's about issues that are not easy to hear. How does this work?

01-03-2020. In this post I'll introduce a way to look at conflict using concepts of Non-Violent Communication. I'll try to explain how to go from mapping a conflict to transforming the setting in which the conflict occurs.

25-02-2020. In January I started a mediation training, which is specifically aimed at mediation and conflict in workplaces. I'd like to share some of my insights from this training in a series of posts.

18-02-2020. Burnout comes in many colours and flavours. Often, it is conceived as a weakness of the person experiencing the burnout. But what if burnout would be an indicator for a toxic workplace?